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Pumpkin Contest

The Historic Figure Pumpkin Contest is held on Halloween or Just before Halloween, in the Library.

Students bring in a pumpkin that has been decorated or carved to represent a historical figure such as George Washington or Confucius.

They make a display card showing:

  • adjectives describing the person
  • the person's relatives
  • the person's home
  • the person's years of birth and death
  • the person's talents
  • the person's beliefs
  • what the person is remembered for
  • the person's name

The October 2018 contest was a huge success, with over 50 entries. The results were nothing short of Spook-tacular!

2019 Pumpkin Contest

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Sample Display Card

Mistrusting, Unfaithful, Moody, Athletic
Son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
Resident of England
Who lived from June 28, 1491 to January 28, 1547
Whose talents included jousting, hunting, and marriage
Who believed himself to be the supreme leader of both church and state
Who is remembered for marrying 6 wives and fathered Queen Elizabeth I
King Henry the Eighth of England, France, and Ireland

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