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Past Pi Day Contest Winners

Pi Day Contest

Each math class holds an in-class pi-reciting contest and enjoys circular treats donated by parents (thanks, parents!). The top representative from each 6th grade math class competes in a final contest and all of these finalists get a pizza lunch and a certificate.

The three students who recite the most digits of pi are our Pi Day Contest Winners. For example, each may get a Free Math Homework pass, a certificate to In-N-Out Burger, and a 1st Place, 2nd Place, or 3rd Place winner certificate!

For the latest winners, see the Pi Day page.


Results were not announced.


2017 Pi Day champions

  • Stella F., 1st place
  • Ariana G., 2nd place
  • Erin M., 3rd place

2017 Pi Day Classroom Winners

Classroom winners:

  • Back row: Sofia P., Stella F., Ariana G., Erin M., Nneka O., Joel L.
  • Front row: Shareefah A., Ian B., Mauricio I.
  • Not shown: Leidy C., Adriana P., London T.

Pi Day 2016

  • Aakash J., 1st place, 257 digits
  • Swethaa M., 2nd place, 239 digits
  • Maddie D., 3rd place, 222 digits

Winners in other math classes:

  • Alana M.
  • Natalie T.
  • Zehra Y.
  • Katelyn M.
  • Audrey P.
  • Daniel G.
  • Uriel L.

Helina Hailu

  • Helina Hailu, 1st place, 1005 digits - all-time Palms record!
  • Dora Dong, 2nd place
  • Arjun Palkhade and Meron Melke, 3rd place (tie)

Winners in other math classes:

  • Kevin Aka
  • Baylee Bennett
  • Chloe Deng
  • Vivian Escobar
  • Priscilla Garcia
  • Shang Gou
  • Juliana Pincun
  • Amari Davis Washington

Results were not announced.

  • Anudeep Metuku, 1st place, 348 digits
  • Gedion Meiesse, 2nd place
  • David Holcer, 3rd place

Winners in other classrooms:

  • Phillip Anduray
  • Saul Cruz
  • Luis Hildalgo
  • Hannah Kim
  • Lisa Kong
  • Arianna Marentes
  • Teisha Rivera
  • Jinu Song
  • Chanel Springer
  • Jayla Turner
  • Brandon Yamaguchi
  • Adam Syed, 1st place, 340 digits
  • Krystal Gonzalez, 2nd place, 303 digits
  • Kaleb Blake, 3rd place, 253 digits