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Middle Years Newsletter

Middle school students go through dramatic changes and need their parents’ support. The Palms Middle School Magnet Program provides the Middle Years monthly newsletter to help parents help their children.

Middle Years offers practical ideas to improve school success, strengthen the home and school partnership, enhance parenting skills, strengthen family life, understand middle schoolers’ behavior, and build positive character traits.

Each issue is a PDF file that you can download and read. See the Help Page for details about how to read PDF files.

Middle Years newsletter

2018-2019 Issues
Issue Lead Article (click to display or download)
September 2018 A+ Organizing Strategies
October 2018 Tween discipline that works
November 2018 Study secrets–revealed
December 2018 Growing responsibility
January 2019 Everyday math
February 2019 Solid research skills
March 2019 Respect: The 4th R
April 2019 On a roll with reading
May 2019 Keep your brain in gear
Back Issues

PDF files are available for back issues of the Middle Years Newsletter beginning with the September 2008 issue.

See the Middle Years Newsletter Archive.

Contact Friends of Palms to ask for copies of any or all back issues and we'll email them to you.


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