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All 8th grade activities are subject to the Eighth Grade Eligibility rules.

Event Dates

Where event dates are absent or tentative, watch for news:

Eighth Grade Events

Fall Semester

Fall Trip: Knott's Scary Farm

October 2020, date to be announced: First day to pick up permission packet

October 2020, date to be announced: Tickets go on sale

Friday, October 23, 2020 (tentative): Knott's Scary Farm Trip

  • The price is $90.
  • Eligibility is based on 10-week Progress Report & Activity Eligibility Requirements.
  • Ineligible students will have their $ refunded.
  • You must clear Library fees, Cafeteria fees, unexcused absences, and 6th & 7th grade textbooks.
  • Hand in the eligibility tear-off to your homeroom teacher.
  • Students can pick up their permission packets in Ms. McCarrell's room before or after school, break, or lunch.
  • Seats are limited. Sales close once the buses are filled.

See the Knott's Scary Farm page for more details.

Halloween Dance

Friday, October 30, 2020

Culmination Cap/Gown Fitting

December date to be announced, 2020

  • All 8th grade students will be fitted for a gown during an extended homeroom.
  • Donations are welcome to cover the costs.
  • Absent students will be fitted during the week of culmination practice

Spring Semester

Panorama Picture Day

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

  • Students should dress in school colors (green or white) or the class hoodie/T-shirt.
  • The picture will be taken during first period.
  • Photos are sold at the student Store, $25.00 cash only, sale dates in March.

See the Class Photos page for previous class photos.

Class Trip

Founding Fathers East Coast Tour

March 26 to April 1, 2021

  • Sign-ups: April 2020 thru Fall 2020

See the Class Trip page for details.

Class of 2021 Activities Donation Tear-Off
  • All 8th grade students must wear a gown for culmination.
  • All 8th grade students must hand-in the tear-off form to the Student Store to be eligible for culmination.
  • Tear-off is due March (date to be announced) at Student Store 
  • $20 cash-only donation are optional but greatly appreciated.
  • Donations allow the school to continue 8th grade festivities.
Culmination Parent Update

Hand-out date: to be announced

Return deadline: to be announced

  • During homeroom, students will receive an informational packet concerning culmination with a mandatory tear-off.
  • To ensure tickets and participation in the ceremony, students must return the tear-off to homeroom by the return deadline.
Spring Trip: Magic Mountain

Friday in May, 2021, date to be announced: Magic Mountain Trip

April 2020, date to be announced: First day to pick up permission packet

April 2020: Tickets on sale, dates in April to be announced

  • Sales will close once the buses are filled - Seats are limited. First come first served!
  • The price is $90.
  • Students can pick up their permission packet in Ms. McCarrell's room during break or lunch.
  • Eligibility is based on 15-week Progress Report & Activity Eligibility Requirements.
  • Ineligible Students will have their $ refunded.
  • Library fees, cafeteria fees, and unexcused absences must be cleared.
  • The necessary 8th-grade tear-off form must be handed in.
  • See the Magic Mountain page for more details.
Textbook, Library, & Cafeteria Fees Cleared

Deadline to be announced.

  • To be eligible for culmination, students must clear all of the following by the deadline:
    • Textbook fees
    • Learning resources
    • Library books
    • Cafeteria fees
Eighth Grade Picnic

Friday, June 4, 2021

  • Students must meet "Culmination Eligibility" requirements.
  • Students must be in attendance for the morning rehearsal to attend the picnic in the afternoon.

See the Eighth Grade Picnic page for more details.

Culmination Rehearsals

June 4-9, 2021

  • Students must meet Culmination Eligibility requirements and must attend all rehearsals for the entire day to participate in the culmination ceremony.
  • Students must have handed in the Class of 2021 Activities Donation tear-off to the Student Store to ensure a gown for the ceremony.
Class of 2021 Culmination

Thursday, June 10, 2021

  • All culminating 8th graders must wear gowns.
  • No additional decorative items are allowed to be worn outside of your gown for the ceremony.

See the Culmination page for more details.