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Ms. McCarrell

Ms. McCarrell is the Eighth Grade Sponsor.


Ms. Price

Ms. Price is the Eighth Grade Counselor


Mr. Barbosa

Mr. Barbosa is the Assistant Principal in charge of Eighth Grade events.


To contact them, click an envelope icon below or phone Palms.

Contact Rene Barbosa  Rene Barbosa Assistant Principal & Head Counselor
Contact Lisa McCarrell  Lisa McCarrell Teacher
Contact Melinda Price  Melinda Price Counselor

Eighth Grade

Eighth grade students have the most opportunities of any grade level. They can take almost any elective, hold any Student Body Office, and can participate in many special activities and outings, including the Eighth Grade East Coast Class Trip, fun evenings at Knott's Scary Farm and Magic Mountain, and Culmination in June.

Students in the Modern Media and Communication make films, participating in every phase of the process, and present their finished work at the Palms Film Festival.

Class of 2020 Activities

Donation Request


*Tear-off is mandatory for culmination, but not the donation. 

Dear 8th Grade Parents/Guardians,                                   11/22/19

We are honored to celebrate this final year with you and your family here at Palms. We have planned several events to inspire students to achieve and thrive academically throughout the year and to make their last year here memorable.  We are requesting a cash donation of $20.00 or more to help us make these celebrations the best they can be. A donation form was provided in homeroom. This donation will help us to continue to provide a beautiful culmination ceremony with gowns, 2020 keepsake tassel, flowers, lighting, program for families, and an exciting 8th grade picnic for our culminating class.  We are requesting this donation be paid at the Student Store no later than MARCH 20th so we can apply the funds to the 2020 Culmination. All 8th grade students must complete the tear-off to the student store so we can plan accordingly and to participate in the culmination ceremony.


8th grade culmination cap

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