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DonorsChoose is a website where teachers ask for specific supplies or equipment they need in their classrooms and parents and other donors chip in with donations until the total is reached and the items are purchased. For items that one parent couldn't easily donate, DonorsChoose lets multiple donors combine their efforts. Some organizations make matching donations, which can double donated dollars.

Here's why it's so useful: Donors can choose their favorite classes or requests and give any amount at any time. Teachers get exactly what they need and students are the ultimate winners!

Check out the DonorsChoose Palms Middle School page. After you register for the site, add Palms to your Favorites and Donorshoose will notify you whenever a Palms teacher asks for supplies or equipment.

Recent Fundraising Donation Drive

Donation Drive: Lanyards and Laces: Learning to Weave!

Ms. Purdy said:

Learning handwork such as weaving and knot making introduces students to a relaxing and tactile experience -- one that improves focus and concentration, and is also a super fun way to interact with their peers. My students need assorted colors of plastic lace, a craft book and lanyard hooks to create one-of-a-kind key rings, bracelets, and zipper pulls for their backpacks.

Recent Fundraising Donation Drive

Donation Drive: A Clean Classroom Environment

Mr. Westhoff said:

In my years of teaching, I have noticed there is a clear link between classroom environment and student learning. A clean classroom sends the message that the work we do in class is serious and important. It sends the message that the teacher is attentive and organized. It sends the message that people care. I need help providing my students with an optimal learning environment. The school's janitorial staff does not provide room cleaning services. Our floor is constantly dirty as students track in dirt and mud from the PE field. I spend a good deal of time sweeping and mopping so I can provide a clean learning environment. A good robotic vacuum will ensure the learning environment is always maintained and clean.

Recent Donation Drive

Donation Drive: Students Stories are Americas' Story

Ms. Hoffman said:

My students need a copy of action magazine per student and books on immigration to help them write and publish a story about their life in America.

I want to now include all my students 6th, 7th and 8th graders in a publishing project which I feel will not only help them write better but will help them feel welcomed in our school and our country.

Recent Donation Drive

Donation Drive: High-Interest Novels for our Classroom Library

Mr. Westhoff said:

These books will be used to build a USEFUL, RELEVANT, HIGH-INTEREST classroom library. Students will participate in reading circles, book clubs, and discussions groups. The ultimate goal is to have them leave my room in June with a love of books and an appreciation for the value of reading. Reading is particularly important for our English Language Learners.

new classroom books

New classroom books from a DonorsChoose donation drive

Donation Drive History

Total raised to date: $13,690!

Click the teacher's name to see his or her DonorsChoose page. Click the items to see descriptions, photos, comments from donors, and thank-you messages.

Donation Drive History
Teacher Items needed for students Status
Ms. Purdy Lanyard materials and craft books for art students. In progress - please donate!
Ms. Hoffman Students Stories are Americas' Story Received Mar 2017!
Mr. Westhoff Roomba Vacuum Cleaner to create an optimal learning environment. In progress - please donate!
Mr. Westhoff Five high-interest books for the classroom library. Received Aug 2016!
Ms. Purdy Starch and acrylics to make student Pop Art projects burst with color. Received Mar 2016!
Mr. Westhoff Let's Keep These Kids Reading Books!: a classroom set of the book "I am Malala". Received Jan 2016!
Mrs. Chi Document camera and projector for reading music and learning to sing with proper vocal techniques. Received Sep 2015!
Mr. Westhoff Powerful Classroom Technologies: a centralized server for iPads. Partially funded Aug 2015
Ms. West Baritone Horn for the Band enabling more students to play the baritone and take it home to practice. Received Jul 2015!
Ms. Purdy All You Need Is Tape for wallets, roses, and unique creations of each student's own design. Received Oct 2014!
Ms. Purdy Duct tape for Pop Art and other projects. Received Feb 2014!
Ms. Purdy Colored and patterned duct tape for art classes, where students make duct tape wallets, roses, even a pair of glasses, and Pop Art inspired creations like seaweed wrapped sushi or french fries and a cheeseburger. Received Feb 2013!
Ms. Purdy Art supplies for Day of the Dead Nichos, small 3-dimensional, mixed media sculptures that use tiny skeletons - and humor - within a stage like setting to celebrate life and honor loved ones. Received October 2012!
Ms. Purdy Duct tape for art projects, making wallets, jewelry (rose rings) and wearable art like flip flops and ties. Received Apr 2012!
Ms. Twaijri Markers and whiteboard erasers to keep students engaged in their algebra and geometry studies. Received Apr 2012!
Ms. Garret iPod touch for history applications, NPR, and other educational apps. Received Mar 2012!
Ms. L. Clark Markers and whiteboard erasers for math practice and competitions. Received Feb 2012!
Mr. Scott Human Skeleton to let students learn about health the way they learn best, when they can engage their eyes, ears, and hands. Received Feb 2012!
Ms. Twaijri Algebra CD-ROMs with interactive whiteboard lessons to engage students with better visual representations of algebra after lessons are completed and opportunities to manipulate algebraic equations and discover the changes that coefficients can make to linear and quadratic equations. Received Feb 2012!
Mr. An Paper cutter, mat cutter, hole puncher, extended stapler, and pencil sharpeners for history lessons, including creating samurai journau and an Aztec codex. Received Jan 2012!
Ms. Wohl Art supplies: paper, glue, pens, crayons, construction cards to incorporate art projects into the content and subjects being taught, from Anthropology to Islam to Medieval Japan to Europe. Received Jan 2012!
Mr. An Air purifiers for students with allergies. Received Dec 2011!
Mr. Scott Heart Rate Monitors to study circulation, learn to take pulses, and take a more active role in developing a healthy body, healthy habits, and a critical mind. Received Dec 2010!
Ms. Wohl Art supplies: paints, markers, pencils, glue sticks, and other supplies to incorporate art projects into the content and subjects being taught, from Anthropology to Islam to Medieval Japan to Europe. Received Jun 2007!
Ms. G. Yoga Kids for Focus and Wellbeing: 50 mats for a new yoga class. Received May 2006!

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Palms teachers

Palms teachers thank you for supporting them through DonorsChoose!

Cherry Blossom Project

Cherry Blossom Project

Using supplies obtained through DonorsChoose, students created beautiful representations of cherry trees in bloom by using straws to blow drops of wet ink across watercolor paper and gluing tissue cherry blossoms to the branches.

Coat of Arms Project

Coat of Arms Project

Using supplies obtained through DonorsChoose, students displayed their knowledge of Medieval Europe by creating individual Coats of Arms.